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Mobile Security Patrols

‘A cost-effective deterrent for the detection and prevention of security and safety breaches’

The primary objective of our Mobile Security Patrols team is to provide a physical and highly visible deterrent against theft, trespassing and vandalism at your property. Criminals and other undesirable characters are far less likely to target your location when they know that dedicated security officers are on the scene.


The execution of non-predictive patrols and regular property inspections aid in maintaining a safe and secure environment at all times for both your staff and customers. Our security team can also be utilised for the personal security of staff and visitors on the premises, for tasks such as escorting them to their cars late at night, for example.

We'll work closely with you to fully understand the day-to-day operations of your business. This assists us in developing a comprehensive profile of your property and enables us to better understand what may be considered normal or unusual activity. This way, we'll be ready to effectively handle any security situation that may arise in an efficient and effective manner. All of our methods have been thoroughly tried and tested over the years to ensure that they are effective in responding to urgent threats and safeguarding your commercial interests.

As your first point of contact should a security situation arise, our Melbourne-based operations centre runs 24 hours a day, every day of the year. We recognise that criminals don't take the day off simply because it is the weekend or a holiday, so we don't either. You will never be without adequate security coverage when you need it most with Hillside Security. Although our headquarters is in Melbourne, our services are not limited to that particular region. We are proud to offer security coverage in all areas of Australia, from the major cities to rural areas.

Our security monitoring systems are robust and agile, ensuring that our staff and patrolling officers are well-equipped to respond immediately to any potential breach of security. There is no threat too small to warrant our attention, and we operate under the philosophy that it is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your safety.

Our mobile security patrols can assist you with:

  • Daily opening and closing of your premises

  • Ongoing security monitoring outside of regular business hours

  • Providing after-hours access to contractors

  • 24/7 alarm and emergency response

  • Non-predictive site inspections

  • Staff escorts and welfare checks

  • Checking and monitoring of the performance of critical machinery and equipment

  • Safe city and community patrols

  • Key holding services



As one of the best security patrol companies in all of Australia, we are committed to excellence and accountability in everything we do. All of our security vehicles are clearly marked and operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They are outfitted with video surveillance cameras and GPS trackers, and all data is recorded in real time. All movements are electronically logged, having access to a full detailed report at the end of every shift.

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