Prior to the attendance of the Hillside Security, prepare the banking & seal all ‘Express Deposit Bags'(EBD) tamper evident banking bags. Detailed instructions of how to do this are printed on the EBD bags.

Prior to the attendance of the Hillside Security, please complete the required areas of the “Custody Confirmation Receipt Book”. It is recommended that this be done when sealing the bag/s.

Upon arrival, the CIT Officer will proceed to the nominated person’s workstation or agreed meeting point where he/she will present his/her Hillside Security photo ID. You MUST cross-check the authorisation of attending Officer via Hillside’s online portal before allowing him/her the access to the cash bags. Any concerns, please ring Hillside immediately on 1800 445 574.

If the nominated location for the transfer is in a room, the CIT Officer will close & lock the door so as to secure the room from entry.

Provide the CIT Officer with the receipt book. They will complete the details of the receipt book & check the areas completed by you.

Transfer the sealed EBD bag/s to the CIT Officer.

Check & sign to confirm the entries made by the CIT Officer are correct.

If you are receiving a change order the CIT Officer will ask you to check the serial number & sign for custody on the white copy. Before signing please ensure the seals on these bags are intact.

The CIT Officer will retain the white copy for our records & return the receipt book to you. The receipt book is to be retained by you & kept at the location where the transfer of custody is performed.

Please use Hillside’s online portal for any requests related to your banking. Alternatively, please e-mail or call us on 1800 445 574.


Please call if you require assistance

1800 445 574