Below is photo identification of Authorised Officers for your banking collection.

Should you have anyone other than the staff listed below pose as a staff of Hillside Security- Do not proceed with the transaction and immediately contact Hillside Security on 1800 445 574.

Name: Daniel J MARKOVSKI
Employee ID: VIC078
Licence No: 903-794-20S
State: VIC

Name: Deepika SHARMA
Employee ID: VIC085
Licence No: 920-352-60S
State: VIC

Name: Dennis MILLER
Employee ID: HSS1
Licence No: 513-497-10S
State: VIC

Name: Gabriel Chol LAGUR
Employee ID: VIC081
Licence No: 852-213-51S
State: VIC

Name: Graeme Leslie RICHMOND
Employee ID: VIC095
Licence No: 629-270-30S
State: VIC

Employee ID: VIC121
Licence No: 807-399-30S
State: VIC

Name: Leanne CATTRAN
Employee ID: VIC067
Licence No: 862-575-50S
State: VIC

Name: Marijan MIHALJEVIC
Employee ID: VIC089
Licence No: 418-574-10S
State: VIC

Name: Mohammed YOUNUS
Employee ID: VIC798
Licence No: 697-951-21S
State: VIC

Name: Satyavan SINGH
Employee ID: VIC068
Licence No: 879-369-20S
State: VIC

Please call if you require assistance

1800 445 574

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