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Cash in Transit

‘The safest way to manage your daily banking needs’

Hillside Security is Australia's leading cash in transit company, serving retail stores, hospitals, churches, schools, universities, restaurants, fitness clubs, entertainment venues, special events and more. We also work with local, state and federal departments Australia-wide. We are committed to safety and security throughout the entire process, so you can rest assured that your cash is in good hands when you work with us.

As one of the best cash collection security companies in Melbourne and across Australia, we specialise in secure cash collection, secure transportation, cash counting, cash processing and cash security.

Cash logistics is our area of expertise and we have been providing cash-and-carry, cash running, currency management and other secure currency transportation services to Australian business for many years. All of our security officers are qualified and licensed for your protection, and our cash and valuables courier facilities are second to none.

We adhere to strict protocols in order to maximise your protection. The professional security team is deployed alongside all of our cash transportation services, and operates in plain clothes and with unmarked security vehicles. You have the option of choosing between armed or unarmed guards, as well as armoured or non-armoured security vehicles. Uniformed officers are also available if you so prefer. We do everything we can to avoid drawing unnecessary attention to our team, your staff, your customers and your business, so that there is minimal security risk throughout the process.

All cash in transit is covered under our extensive insurance policy, so you can rest assured that your funds are 100% protected. It is extremely unlikely that an incident will arise, but we want you to have peace of mind in knowing that we are fully covered under any emergency circumstances.


Cash Collection Services

Our experienced staff will come to your location to collect your all cash, valuables, receipts and other banking deposits, including bank cheques. We will then safely deposit the collection to your nominated financial institution for you, giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your cash and cheques are secure from the moment they leave your hands to the moment they are deposited in the bank. We guarantee superior protection against theft and harm from start to finish. This includes ensuring that your deposits are traceable and are entirely protected from the moment of collection through to verification of delivery.

In addition to picking up your daily banking deposits, our service also includes:

  • Change collection and delivery

  • After-hours secure banking collection and safe storage

  • Cash delivery to ATMs

  • Collection from parking ticket meters, car park machines and vending machines

  • Secure logistics and transportation of highly confidential documents, precious metals and other valuable items



Cash Counting and Cash Processing

In addition to bringing your money to the bank, Hillside Security can also transport your cash collection back to one of our in-house processing centres for counting and verification before crediting the value into your nominated account. All of the counting and processing is conducted under CCTV camera supervision for your protection. The funds will be credited directly to your nominated account once the amount has been officially verified.

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